I am a 22 year old Computer Science student currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology. I work at CoreOS on CoreUpdate. I'm interested in functional programming, language design, and formal verification.

Some projects that I've worked on -

  • WhatsOpen@RIT - Github

    Find out WhatsOpen at RIT right now, with the least amount of effort.

  • Lindenmayer Systems - Github

    A Python library which allows easy description of a context-free grammar that produces cool fractal-like drawings. Lindenmayer systems are useful for alogrithmically modeling plant growth.

  • GLF - Github

    GLF is an OpenGL framework written in C that I'm creating as a basis for my future OpenGL projects, so I always have a skeleton to work with.

  • CSH Evaluations - Github

    An API and web frontend written in Haskell for keeping track of individuals progress through the various stages of Computer Science House's Membership Evaluations process.

  • BingeHack4 - Github

    Fork of Nethack with semi-multiplayer features, achievements, and many CSH-specific items, levels, and modifications.